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Flattr money trail

Postby tommy on 05 Sep 2010, 12:04

Flattr should offer a money trail. Look at this example.

In the example a flatterer could verify that their click has been properly logged and accounted for, by saving the random number on a piece of paper, and then visiting the Thing revenue report from a different computer to see if the same random number is shown from there.

The Thing creator should be allowed to choose whether they want to make the Thing paper trail public or not. This choice should be possible to make on a thing to thing basis.

If Flattr would implement a money trail feature like this, flatterers could 1. verify that their clicks are properly logged and accounted for, and 2. see how much money a Thing has already gotten. If the Thing has already gotten a fair amount of money, maybe someone else should receive a click instead. Or inversely; if a thing has gotten a lot of clicks but with a little money per click, maybe they should get additional clicks.

I see no reason to not share this data, except that implementing a feature like this would cost programmer development time that could be used on arguably more important matters.

There should also be a setting that would make it possible for a user to share information about their total revenue for their Flattr account. It would be interesting to see how much money, for example, the "wikileaks" user account has gotten for all their things in total, should they wish to share this information publicly.
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